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Explore Ruwi Sanad’s expert legal documentation services in Oman. From visa assistance to company formations, we’re your trusted partner since 1992.

Welcome to Ruwi Sanad

Welcome to Ruwi Sanad, Oman’s trusted legal documentation firm since 1992. With over 28 years of experience, we have established ourselves as a reliable and efficient service provider in the industry. Our seasoned team offers a wide range of services, catering to the diverse needs of our clients.

Comprehensive Legal Solutions

At Ruwi Sanad, we understand the complexities of Oman’s legal landscape. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of services to help you navigate through the intricacies of legal documentation with confidence and ease.

Whether you are starting a new business or expanding your existing one, our company formation services can assist you in every step of the process. From drafting legal documents to obtaining necessary permits and licenses, our team is well-versed in the requirements and procedures to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience.

In addition to company formations, we also provide visa services to individuals and businesses. Our team can assist you with visa applications, renewals, and extensions, ensuring compliance with the latest regulations and requirements. We understand the importance of timely and accurate visa processing, and our dedicated professionals strive to deliver efficient solutions.

As VAT registration becomes mandatory in Oman, we offer expert guidance and support to help businesses comply with the new taxation system. Our team can assist you in understanding the VAT regulations, completing the necessary paperwork, and ensuring that your business is fully compliant.

Furthermore, we provide customs clearance documentation services to facilitate smooth import and export operations. Our experienced professionals are well-versed in customs regulations and procedures, ensuring that your shipments are processed efficiently and without delays.

Personalized and Efficient Service

At Ruwi Sanad, we believe in providing personalized solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients. Our team takes the time to understand your specific requirements and tailor our services accordingly. We strive to provide efficient and timely solutions, ensuring that your legal and administrative needs are met with utmost professionalism.

With our extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of Oman’s legal system, you can trust us to handle your documentation needs with precision and accuracy. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction sets us apart as a trusted partner for all your legal and administrative requirements.

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Whether you need assistance with company formations, visa services, VAT registration, or customs clearance documentation, Ruwi Sanad is here to help. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and discover how our expert services can benefit you.

With Ruwi Sanad, you can navigate through Oman’s legal landscape with confidence and ease. Trust us to provide efficient, personalized solutions for all your legal and administrative needs.

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